The Role of a Wills & Estates Planning Attorney

Wills & estates Perth are the future of estate planning in North America. Both the state and federal governments are encouraging people to plan for their futures through this process, which ensures the continuity of benefits and services from loved ones after they pass away. Although the process starts with a will, several key points of importance make wills and estates uniquely different from probate.

Wills & Estates PerthThe federal government has taken an active role in passing legislation that will establish Wills & estates Perth‘s future across the country. In June of 2020, the Majority Leader in the State House of Representatives recommended that all wills are recorded and deposited within three years of the date of death. This is known as the probate act and was one of the Joint Select Committee on Estate Taxation recommendations. It is important to note that this legislation passed in June of 2020 and does not affect existing wills. This means that persons who had wills or estates in place before the passage of the probate act can have their estates declared valid immediately.

Wills and estates planning lawyers are the experts who can assist anyone who needs to form a will or execute a will. A choice is a legal document that authorizes individuals’ specific wishes to select who will control their assets after their death. While there is no limit on the persons that can administer a person’s property, the law insists that there must be a will or trust in place to ensure that no one takes advantage of the deceased’s last will and testament. Because of this importance of Wills & estates Perth planning, many people hire a lawyer to complete the process. The most common questions that clients ask include the steps that must be taken to protect their assets in the event of their death and how filing a will and executing a trust will affect beneficiaries. An estate-planning lawyer can offer assistance with these questions and provide background information about the various options available to ensure a smooth process.

Anyone who desires to make a will should consider hiring a probate and estate planning attorney to assist them in the process. The majority of states require that anyone making a will be a resident of the state for at least three years before submitting it. If the person makes a will from another state, the state where they reside must acknowledge the document and notify other conditions that the testator has died in that state. After the testator’s death, the executor is responsible for distributing his/her belongings, including any inheritance or funds, according to the terms of his/her will.1