Information on the College and aspirations for the trainees, while with us and going into the workplace.

Studio hairdressing and Beauty Services is a registered organisation and have been established and operating for seven years.

We deliver the following:

  • WRH20100 Certificate II in Hairdressing
  • WRH30100 Certificate III in Hairdressing
  • WRH40100 Certificate IV in Hairdressing
  • WRB20104 Certificate II in Nail Technology
  • WRB20304 Certificate II in Retail Cosmetics services
  • WRB20204 Certificate II in Make-up services
  • WRB30104 Certificate III in Beauty services
  • WRB40104 Certificate IV in Beauty therapy

This year we extended our courses to include:

  • WRH50100 Diploma of Hairdressing
  • WRB50104 Diploma of Beauty Therapy
  • HLT40302 Certificate IV in Massage
  • HLT50302 Diploma of Remedial Massage

The College and trainers understand people have different learning abilities, and by the courses offered are competency based, allows for time frames to be moved forward or pushed backwards, ensuring possible success at any level.

The College offers off and on the job training. Where off the job is preferred the trainees are given responsibilities equal to any other business. Each are held accountable for salon duties, presentation of the fully working salon, at which they train in. They purchase stock, book appointments, consult with clients, stock take, investigate new products, learn to advertise. They will have met and gone through the everyday challenges that all salons face while in their training.

The trainers at Studio Hairdressing and Beauty Services extend a warm invitation to anyone seeking a career in the Hair or Beauty industry.

Phone for an appointment and discuss the possibility, availability and payment structure for these exciting career pathways.

Courses Available

WRH20100 Certificate II in Hairdressing
WRH20100 Certificate in More Detail

  • Can be taken full time or part-time
  • Full-time – 17 weeks x 38 hours per week
  • Part-time – 48 weeks duration.
  • 8 hours per week part-time
  • Competency based
  • Job opportunities – in a salon with cert. III to complete.
  • Certificate II can be obtained as a fee paying trainee.
  • R.P.L and R.C.C accepted

WRH30100 Certificate III in Hairdressing
WRH30100 Certificate in More Detail

  • May be apprenticed.
  • May be obtained as a fee-paying trainee
  • 48 weeks- full – time x 38 hrs.
  • 48 weeks – 10 hours x 3 years part-time.
  • Competency based.
  • Up to 2 months work placement training.
  • Extra training if required. Include further payments.
  • Job opportunities: work within salons.
  • R.P.L and R.C.C accepted
  • Cruise ships

WRH40100 Certificate IV in Hairdressing
WRH40100 Certificate in More Detail

  • May be taken as a fee paying trainee
  • Competency based
  • R.P.L and R.C.C accepted
  • Day or night training sessions
  • Job opportunities – manager of a salon, train staff, train in a school
  • Cruise ships

WRH50100 Diploma of Hairdressing
WRH50100 Certificate in More Detail

  • Day or night training sessions
  • Job opportunities- Manager/own salon, train staff, train in a school
  • Cruise ships
  • May be taken as a fee paying trainee Competency based
  • R.P.L and R.C.C accepted

Trainees usually come to us from year 10. Some are mature age trainee’s wanting a career change. One person was 54 when starting to train.

For the past six years all Hairdressing and Beauty trainee’s that have gone through our college have had or are still working within the industry. Some have come back to further upgrade qualifications.

We welcome you to come and talk to other trainee’s and look over the college. Talk to the trainers, and look at the recourses. Discuss financial matter and see how dedicated and friendly the salon is.

We are different to some training institutions in that we provide the salon for you to train in, while training. You gain the interaction of staff, the day to day running of a salon, customers phoning, having a service performed, stock taking. Money changing hands, float and balancing of the days takings. O.H.S. Sanitisation and sterilisation. Washing , drying and preparation of towels and equipment.

If you come to us for your training be ready to learn everything about the running of a salon and the work necessary to make it a successful business. Those prepared to give 100% should think of calling us today. It could be your start to a happy , prosperous future

We hope to see you soon.