General Information

Is the Training Recognised?

Our organisation is registered as a training organisation to offer recognised training with the State Training Authority. Qualifications that are issued at Studio Hairdressing and Beauty Services are state and nationally registered. Clients completing qualifications will receive either a Statement of Attainment (for units of competency completed) or a Certificate (when all required units of competency are completed). Our organisation has moved to nationally endorsed training packages, and all courses are recognised within the industry.

It is important for applicants to attend an interview session or seek an interview with the Principal to gain a greater understanding of how courses meet their individual needs and career plans.

How do I apply for a Course?

This website contains basic course information, which will be expanded on either at an Information Session or by calling to arrange an interview. All applicants are required to complete an application form and participate in a selection interview.

What support is available for Trainees?

Our staff are interested in the successful progress of our trainees and will offer additional support should the trainee need assistance to overcome an identified problem. Trainees can have confidence in the knowledge that all reasonable help and assistance will be offered to complete their learning outcomes.

For trainee convenience our venue is located centrally, close to bus routes and the city centre. Trainee services include tea and coffee facilities, counselling and support advice, adequate practice time and facilities, work experience placement.

The benefits of enrolling in a training programme with our organisation include the small group tutorials and a more personalised, individual service when requested.

Who runs it?

Our Principal is Judy Goss who not only has a background in the hairdressing and beauty industry but also has experience in small business operation and is a qualified trainer/assessor.

Ever since leaving school Judy had a desire to become a hairdresser and a beauty technician. Judy has owned and operated seven Hair and Beauty Salons, recently selling three to concentrate on the training school.. Judy has furthered her career by attaining 7 Certificates: Hairdressing: Master Hairdresser, Epil Jet, (Permanent Progressive Hair Removal); Electrolysis (Permanent Progressive Hair Removal); Laser Hair Removal, Beautician, Nail Technician and Ultratone to tone the muscle and shape your body. Judy has completed extensive training in Makeup and is a Colour-Coding Consultant. Judy has also completed the Certificate IV in Assessment and Workplace Training (BSZ40198), Front-line Management, and is currently getting her T.A.A. qualifications She and her staff attend as many training courses and seminars as possible.

Judy trained and was a qualified Welfare Officer, which has given her a wide understanding of the student support role. Judy is eager to help other people achieve their goals and further their enjoyment of learning, thus, you will feel more fulfilled, self confident and able to have a wider scope of employment opportunities.

What is Work Placement?

Work Placement is offered as an element for fee paying trainees in Certificate II and Certificate III in Hairdressing and Beauty . Even though our own training organisation runs as a salon, it is not intended that a trainee uses it for all work placement. The studio encourages the trainee to look at other businesses both hairdressing and beauty salons to gain the valuable experience needed while learning and training.

Trainees benefit from gaining experience in a working salon and the work placement supervisor provides feedback.

Hairdressers and Beauty Trainees:

Fee paying: Certificate II.
This may be achieved part-time (1 year x 7 hour per week) or full-time (4 months x 4 days a week) in our salon. Costs for this is $2750.00 approx depending on units taken. Core units are $1875.00 and $975.00 for electives. This includes a Toolbox disc many hand outs and tuition.

Fee paying: Certificate III.
Four to eight weeks of work placement is encouraged at the completion of the course. Trainees may seek their own work placement. Studio Hairdressing and Beauty Services will also help to organise the placement. Should the trainee require further training after the work placement and the 48 weeks of training, a further charge of $150.00 per week will be applicable until assessment is completed.
Cert III is fulltime 4 to 5 days per week taking 12 to 18 months.

Apprentices gain work experience in the salon they are employed at. They pay an additional $700 dollars for resources, administration and books/disc for the length of the training. either (1 or 2 or 3 ) years.

R.P.L (recognised prior learning)
R.C.C. (Recognised credit transfer)
R.T.O. registered training organisation.

What do I have to Wear?

Trainees should wear appropriate clothing at all times as it is necessary for developing a professional image. All will have the same as in a uniform. (This is not included.)

Colour: Black or White. – Hairdressing and Beauty..

Type: Modern, business clothes

  • Dress trousers (not jeans)
  • Skirt (not micro)
  • Stockings (black or neutral)
  • Socks – black
  • Shoes – closed in black e.g. court or dress shoes (not gym shoes), not platform or high heeled.
  • Dress shirt – or uniform top
  • The salon will provide an apron to help keep stains off clothing.
  • A uniform is highly recommended as chemicals can discolour fabrics and hair fibres can penetrate certain fabrics.

Trainees must be presented in a clean and well-groomed manner, this includes clean fingernails, hair and attention to personal cleanliness, with no midriff showing, nor walking on the bottoms of trousers.

What else do I need to know?

It is important to look closely at the course content. The Hairdressing and Beauty industry is interesting but it also requires dedication and true interest in helping people feel good about them selves.

Both parties (trainee & the RTO) will have a three-month period in which both should know if training and rapport are progressing as should be. At the conclusion of this time either can terminate training. The training organisation has the right to instantly dismiss any trainee for misconduct, rudeness, or not attending class or anything detrimental to the organisation and other trainees. No more than a break of 10 days over the full-time year is appropriate, as this is what industry requires. Whether part-time or full-time if the trainee doesn’t finish within the contract date, the trainee may need to come back and pay extra to complete the training .

It is a ‘people industry’ not just an area of technical know how.

The courses provide a means of gaining entry into the industry, which was once only possible through apprenticeships. It also provides a chance of learning in a unique Salon environment through small group and “one to one” training.

You need to know that the courses require work! Our trainers are committed to helping each student reach their full potential.