Studio Hair and Beauty Services and School are located at:
185 Charles St. Launceston. Tasmania

We offer any trainee a different way of training than other training organisations, in so much as they train in a salon environment. This is a commercial salon, we run this for the trainees so they get the proper understanding of running a business. The students answer the phone, sell, recommend, consulate, learn to overcome difficult situations, clean, run a business, look for pitfalls, use cash registers, computers, staff rosters, plus many more.

We as an organisation belong to the hairdressing Federation, and as that would like to think we as a group, help develop and change the hairdressing industry for the benefit of all Tasmanian hairdressers.

If we could offer the same prices, we would be turning people away. Because of higher costs we need to charge higher prices for courses. Not only those that can afford to put themselves through but those who have the desire and passion to succeed in these areas that are often less fortunate than others, for one reason or another.

Trainees that were ineligible for Gov’t funding were still able to gain a certificate in the career they wanted by paying their own way and training either part-time or full-time and they have their own salon to practice in on real clients.

In both hairdressing and Beauty there is a skill shortage, We don’t receive funding for any fee paying trainee. We would like to see those in positions of responsibility to be helping us train the best trainees by helping more of these trainees come through our doors.